• Style Detective
    Experience gets you just part of the way in the landscape design process. Discovering your clients' preferences closes the circle . and that's often the hardest part.
    By Tom Crain
  • Dive In
    Today's top five pool design trends.
    By Tom Crain


  • Dirt: Talking the Industry's Pulse
    The industry is expressing some optimism about business this year, according to HindSite Software's second annual Green Industry Benchmark Survey.
  • Building Business: Building Consistent Behavior
    Wouldn't it be great if your people did the right things consistently without being told or reminded? How many times have you had to instruct the same person on the same point? How often do you feel like a babysitter waiting for the children to act up again? Management is exhausting when it becomes more like trying to herd cats than leading a regiment of trained soldiers into battle.